Coming in October: A Dinosaur Made Me Spill!

For Immediate Release:

When Sofia decided to "carry the drinks in the fanciest way," she did not expect to slip on some ice and "flip the whole tray!" But that's just the beginning of Carla Mae Jansen's latest picture book, A Dinosaur Made Me Spill: A Water Cycle Adventure, scheduled to release in November, 2022!

A Dinosaur Made Me Spill is a picture book for anyone who loves dinosaurs, tea parties, and/or stories of friendship and problem-solving! As Sofia and Destiny explain how an ancient dinosaur ruined their modern-day tea party, Daisy Mae and Isabel discover how much more fun it is to be friends when you aren't angry at each other! Unexpected bonuses in the story include water cycle science and even a food fight!

As an energetic, fun-filled science adventure, A Dinosaur Made Me Spill features girls who love science and have a ton of fun! "Making sure the world knows that girls have fun with science has been one of my personal missions for decades," says Jansen, "and this book shows that message to girls, boys, and all the adults that need to hear it. And beyond that, it's just a super fun story!"

Book specs:
* 8.5" x 11"
* hardcover
* dust-jacket
* author: Carla Mae Jansen
* illustrator: Natasha Kostovska 
* hardcover isbn: 978-1-957753-91-1 
This article includes more details and "sneak peeks" inside the book!
A Dinosaur Made Me Spill: A Water Cycle Adventure officially releases on October 11, 2022. 

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