A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze

Introducing - a dinosaur made me sneeze
A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze is a rip-roaring adventure traveling the rock cycle, cruising through time, and landing home in time for dinner! A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze is a children's book that takes you on a rock cycle adventure with dinosaurs, a crazy skink, sneezes, volcanoes, and more!
Do your kids love dinosaurs?
What about rocks?
Do you teach the rock cycle?
What about changes in the Earth throughout its history?
Or dinosaurs, erosion, or types of rocks?
If the answer to any of these questions is "YES!!" then you will want to grab a copy of A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze asap!!
what adventure awaits you?
The adventure begins one evening when Martin (how do we say this nicely??) sneezed all over the dinner table! But did the adventure really start there? Oh no!
It actually began more than 65 million years ago...
During the next 30 pages of the story, Martin takes you on an adventure with the dust...through millions of years, the rock cycle, and more!
After the adventure, a surprise waits for you... and Martin too! and, after the surprise you get to meet the animals.
  • Written by Carla Mae Jansen 

  • Artwork by Natasha Kostovska 

  • 8.5" x 11" vertical 

  • 36 pages Printed on traditional off-set printers with durable hardcase binding 

  • Rhyming: anapestic tetrameter 

  • Science topics: rock cycle; rock cycle processes (like erosion and sedimentation); types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic); matter cycles and changes; changes to the Earth -- perfect for classroom and homeschool use! 

  • Prehistoric (and some modern) animals labeled at the end 

  • Underlying themes: Kids can be smart AND silly! 

  • Unique end pages and images of each type of rock

This book teaches the rock cycle in a very creative way, and what child doesn't love dinosaurs? The silly jokes and upbeat phrases keep kids (and adults) engaged and learning something new along the way! Learning should be fun, and Carla met this challenge head on. Perfect for children of all ages! — Jeana Kinne, Early Childhood Development Specialist
This book is fantastic! It combines so many things that kids love and can relate to, then explains the rock cycle in a very engaging way. I love that it rhymes because it rolls off the tongue when reading. I know my boys are going to love it. — Meaghan Jackson, Mother of three boys
Both entertaining and educational! — Best Childrens Books
vip camp
To celebrate A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze's release, we wanted to host a DINOSAUR STEAM Camp in our community this summer, but because of the global health situation, we decided the best option would be to create this complete DIY guide for an at-home Dinosaur STEAM Camp!!

There are 5 days of dinosaur-themed fun! Each day includes an introduction activity, an art project, a science or STEM activity, and a timeline activity! It's completely adaptable so you can choose which activities will work for you, and which will not!

We are offering this camp as a FREE donation to our worldwide community as a celebration of A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze this summer! We encourage you to order a copy of the book before July 1st (use any of the links above), but invite you to download and use this camp packet for free regardless of your purchase! We think you will love it!!

Carla Mae Jansen, a certified teacher with a master's degree in science education, is the author of both the DIY Dinosaur STEAM Camp and A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze.

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