Carla started Turtle Trails Publishing in 2020 to create educational books that celebrate life, learning, and exploration!

carla jansen turtle trails publishing

Meet Carla Mae Jansen:

Carla believes the best way to teach children is to take their hands and share the world with them, whether it is on an adventure in the jungle or in the pages of a book!

As the founder of Turtle Trails Publishing she is working to bring exciting, educational literature into the hands of every child and tools to be better teachers into the hands of every parent and educator!

One of her favorite ways to introduce a new science concept is with a picture book, so she is on a quest to make picture books for all the science topics she has wished she had over her years as a public and private school teacher and home educator!

Carla enjoys traveling, rock hunting, hiking, biking, cooking, experimenting, and exploring with her family (which includes 5 kids, a dog, turtle, and frog). She has a BS and MA in Science Education and is a certified National Geographic Educator.

She is the author of A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze and is currently working on the Turtle & Friends series.

Meet Natasha Kostovska:

Natasha is the artistic genius behind the illustrations in A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze! Her artwork brings the story to life, and leaves you wanting more!

Originally a graduate in Art History, Natasha's love for drawing brought her to cartooning and caricature work. Now her passion for children's books and the magical world of stories means that her expertise and skill delights children of all ages as she creates fantastic illustrations for their literature!

You can see more of her work at https://www.instagram.com/natasha.kostovska.art/

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